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The SERVD Chore Chart


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The SERVD Chore Chart flips traditional chores on their head, gamifying the whole experience by injecting fun, chaos, laughter, and strategy into traditional household pain points!

A completely customisable board that encourages kids to smash their daily tasks, weekly chores and long-term goals, all while motivating kids to try new things, learn new skills and step out of their comfort zone!

But the best part?... The REWARDS! 

Equipped with a ton of undeniably exciting incentives, the SERVD Chore Chart will give kids powers they could only dream of.. If they do their chores!


  • Parents review ‘Rewards’ and eliminate any that they’re not prepared to credit!
  • Parents assign ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ and ‘Bonus Chores’ + ‘Wildcards’. 
  • Kids pick ‘Rewards’ they’d like to work towards. 
  • Each time kids complete something the value gets added to their ‘Credit Bank’. 
  • Kids cash in their savings for their desired reward. 

Daily Chores:
A combination of tasks that kids have to complete in order to get the whole credit value.

Weekly Chores:
A variety of different chores that kids can work on throughout the week. These can be updated weekly or left as is.

Bonus Chores: 
Higher value chores that kids can chip away at throughout the month. These can be updated every month or left as is.

These are the fun ones! Things that challenge kids, bring out their creativity, drive and curiosity. Switch them up to see what your kids gravitate towards.


  • 1 x Magnetic Chore chart that sticks to the fridge or can hang. 
  • 27 Daily Chores
  • 27 Weekly Chores
  • 27 Bonus Chores
  • 27 Wildcards
  • 54 Rewards
  • 24 Blank customisable tiles.
  • 1 x Whiteboard marker/eraser

**Suitable for 1 child per Chore Chart so it can be customized as their own**



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