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Here’s the TOP 6 Cards your family and friends will reach for first this Christmas!

Here’s the TOP 6 Cards your family and friends will reach for first this Christmas!

SERVD is the hilarious REAL-LIFE card game that takes everyday mundane scenarios that come up between either you and your partner or your friend and turns them into actions in a card game. It’s the ultimate stocking stuffer and the perfect pressy for your partner, bestie, Secret Santas, siblings or frenemies!

The rules are pretty damn simple – All you do is.

  • Split the deck between the two of you
  • Establish a timeframe to dish the cards out to each other
  • Start serving away.

The deck itself comes in 5 iterations –
His & Hers, Hers & Hers, His & His, BFF’S and BRO'S.

So there is literally one for everyone!

Here’s the TOP 6 Cards your family and friends will reach for first!

Your sister Sarah and her cuddly boyfriend Jake.
His & Hers Edition. 
Feat. The Hobby Hater Card. 

So your sisters a fitness fanatic and if she’s not busy sneaking exercise into everyday tasks she's counting calories and figuring out how she can totally annihilate her archenemy, the carb. 

Her boyfriend Jake on the other hand is not! 

The thought of him getting dragged to the gym by her makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and “The Hobby Hater Card” is the perfect vehicle to get him there. Giving players the ability to make their better half give their hobby a crack, “The Hobby Hater Card will inevitably result in poor Jake being enrolled in a pilates class no later than 6am on the 26th of December. 

Your lovely but slow as hell girlfriend Nicole.
His & Hers Edition. 
Feat. The T-Minus Ten Card 

The one thing Nicole left out of her dating profile was the fact that, prior to any sort of engagement she needs no less than 2 hours to get ready. Cute at first, it’s starting to wear thin and you're at your wits end about how you can speed up the process. 

Well look no further than “The T-Minus 10 Card”, perfect if you’re dating a dilly dallier. 

Your Aunty Jemma and her festive husband Chris. 
His & Hers Edition. 
Feat. The Last Beer Card

Ok it’s no secret that your uncle Chris loves a drink. Your poor Aunty Jem is well and truly over it and if she could cut short his time spent sinking beers, she 100% would. 

Introducing “The Last Beer Card”. Perfect for anyone with an overly festive partner who would rather play dead than leave the pub. Pull rank and call it a night with this bad boy!

Your Brother and his hangry boyfriend Trent.
His & His Edition. 
Feat. The Food Envy Card

So your brother came out last year and him and his new boyfriend are literally tooooo cute!

Except for when there's food around. It’s as if they forget their dating and their primal instinct for sustenance takes over and it’s every man for himself.

Cue, “The Food Envy Card”, the perfect addition to an already heightened situation which gives one player the ability to swap their crappy meal for their partner's better one. Evil, we know but also hilarious. 

Your cousin Emily and her hairy husband Ricky.
His & Hers Edition. 
Feat. The Stubble Trouble Card

Acknowledging his resemblance to Sasquatch Ricky has started shaping his beard into a trendy lumberjack type shape, which the whole family is tots digging… Except Emily. 


Because every time he clips, there is a path of destruction and tiny clippings seem to find their way into every nook and cranny in the bathroom. Save Emilies sanity with “The Stubble Trouble Card”.

Lastly, your cousin Kathryn.
BFFs Edition
Feat. The Return To Sender Card 

Kathryn’s always whining about her bestie Monica taking her things and not returning them. So much so, that it becomes the one and only thing she talks about during Christmas lunch. YAWN.

End the pain with this card, she’ll get her much loved stuff back and you won't have to hear about how Monica once again borrowed a cute crop top and then started dodging her DMs. 


There you have it folks, SERVD is the ultimate stocking stuffer this Christmas, if not for you own relationship then your friends and family.

With 52 life-changing relationship-based cards, granting both players 26 chances to force each other into doing a variety of wonderful things. What could possibly go wrong?

Buy any 4 or more decks and receive a 20% discount + FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING! Simply add any 4 or more decks to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

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