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Here’s our top reactions to being SERVD!

Here’s our top reactions to being SERVD!

The Food Envy Card:

Meet Snacks, who also happens to like snacks! He was about to enjoy his delicious dessert when his (evil) counterpart Lex decided to SERV him with The Food Envy Card. May his dessert rest in peace. 

Watch the full video here.


The T-Minus 10 Card:

This is Kai, she’s an absolute QWEEN! So Kai was just enjoying a little selfcare sesh when her BF Garrett decided it was time to take her out for a fancy date, but with a catch… She had to get ready in under 10 minutes 😱 is that even possible?!

Watch the full video here. 


The Sorcerer Stylist Card:

Ari had planned to enjoy a night out with the girls. She was looking hooooot, but jokes on her… Rob (her BF) was adamant his style would take her look up a notch. Let’s just say girl was drippinnnnn’ in that new fit.  

Watch the full video here.


The Grumpy Pants Card:

Meet Derek Lipp, who was evidently giving some lip in this situation… unlucky for him, his grumpy mood backfired when he got SERVD with The Grumpy Pants Card. This meant until his frown was turned upside down, he was stuck wearing nothing but his undies. Too bad he was off to see Grandma… She got the shock of her life, and was almost too cute to function! 

Watch the full video here.


The Hobby Hater Card:

This is Jack, whose main hobbies evidently include gaming. However his GF Jaycee thought it was time to expand his horizons, and introduce him to one of her favourite hobbies. Yoga! Thanks to The Hobby Hater Card, her plan was a success. Namaste.

Watch the full video here.

 The Exchange Student Card:

Introducing Grace. A cute little coffee date with her husband turned into a terrifying public performance when he played The Exchange Student Card. Now embodying her inner Brit, Grace was (attempting) to order their coffee in her most eloquent English accent. Did she get away with it?

Watch the full video here.

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